Carbon Footprints

We provide in-depth carbon assessment, with staff workshops and presentations, and detailed quantifications of relevant entities or products, hence giving, more than a mere regulatory tool, but a powerful base for further cost-saving, sourcing, and marketing strategies.
Such audits bring :

– meaningful and feasible solutions,
– cost-effective if not even cost-cutting applications,
– a resource-based strategy that can be followed-up.
EcoSol Ltd combines methodologies from the standard ISO 14064 and the Bilan Carbone, the upmost comprehensive auditing tool from Association Bilan Carbone in France.

Carbon Offsetting Program

Ecosol has developed a local offsetting programme with Ark Eden on Lantau, involving local forest regeneration to compensate for GHG emissions.

Environmental Consulting

We help organizations set environmental strategies and provide benchmarks of footprints, bring wide-range of creative ideas for more sustainable conception, sourcing and logistics, and use coordinate carbon reduction strategies that deliver meaningful achievements.
Ecosol is also the perfect partner for managing your environmental missions or boost up an Environment Department in your company.

Environmental Communication

Ecosol has a long experience in sharing information and insights on environmental challenges and progresses. Let us help you express your environmental core strategy, for in house and external media, feed newsletters and ensure project follow-ups.

Educational Workshops

To ensure all your staff is onboard with your green plans and gets the most benefits of your environmental achievement, we provide lectures and trainings on a large variety of topics, including : • climate change
• alternative energies

• low carbon lifestyle/ carbon detective story • eco-conception
• eco-house design
• paper trail

• consumption and biodiversity…


  • Carbon Audit And Environmental Consulting

    • French Chamber of Commerce (first audited Chamber in Hong Kong)
    • Peak School, ESF (first primary school audited in Hong Kong & Asia)
    • French International School (first secondary school audited in Hong Kong & Asia) Consulting, project coordination, environmental management and carbon reduction strategies
    • French International School, 4th year as appointed consultant for environmental projects and footprint reduction (achievements include over 15% energy savings, local waste recycling of plastics, local organic sourcing…).
    • French International school, 8 years in sustainability coordination
    • Biogas project in Sichuan, China for Veolia Foundation and Heifer (initiation and coordination, 40 farms equipped, 18 tones of wood / year saved, registered migration of forest regeneration and wildlife in the area…).
  • Educational Workshops

    • For schools and universities: ESF schools, CIS, Saint Joseph, Baptist U, HKUST,…
    • For educational centers: Ark Eden (regular workshops)
    • For companies and professional clubs: Rotary clubs,Royal Bank of Scotland (talk series).